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Progenex Discount Code Protein

In December 2011 the Chicago Riot Rugby Club became an official PROGENEX Affiliate, and as such, can share our discount code (RIOT) that enables you to get any PROGENEX product at 10% off the retail price.

At checkout, please use the Affiliate Code at or use the following link to receive 10% off your order. 

By using our affiliate discount code, you’ll be not only getting the sauce at a discount, but you’ll be supporting a local 501c3 organization in the Chicago Riot.  With each order, a portion of the proceeds will support our organization. 

We decided to pursue an affiliation with PROGENEX after having used their products over the past several years.  Our players have utilized Crossfit as a training program during the offseason since the inception of our club, many of which have had very positive results using this product not only for recovery after a workout, but following our matches and full-contact practices, which if you are not familiar with rugby, tend to result in a bit of muscle soreness.          

PROGENEX Recovery is a post-training supplement, which means that you take it immediately after you train. It resets the cause of muscle fatigue at the cellular level, enabling you to be re-gain the force loss that you would experience with your training regimen within minutes, instead of days, depending on the length and duration of your training session. Their other product, More Muscle, is designed to build lean muscle, and is used in tandem with Recovery. It helps burn fat while retaining and building new lean muscle tissue.

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