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Each player will receive a pair of our new socks for payment of Spring 2014 dues.
Dues must be paid by Thursday, March 27th. If for some reason you are unable to pay dues or would like to workout a payment plan please contact me. Failure to pay or workout a payment plan will result in the player being left off of our roster for our March 29th game against South Side Irish.
 - Veteran Dues - $150
 - Rookie Dues - $125 (rookie is defined as a player who has never played/paid dues for the riot)
The dues go towards paying for beverages/food at team after-game parties, practice/game fields, referees, USA Rugby club registration fees, field paint, rugby balls & team equipment. In the past, when our team has gotten the opportunity to travel for playoffs, we have used team funds to help offset the costs of travelling (including non-rostered due paying players)