Welcome to Chicago Riot Rugby, a social athletic club founded in 2007 by a group of former University of Illinois at Chicago Rugby players.  This club was formed to embrace the social aspects of the sport, along with offering a competitive atmosphere to contend on the rugby pitch.  Chicago Riot Rugby was formally accepted into CARFU to compete in DIII league starting in the Fall 2008 season. The Riot have quickly developed into one of the Midwest's top teams int the DII Division. Over the past several years the team has gotten closer and closer to the National Championship.

With the start of the 2013 season the Riot have been a large enough club to put forth a second competitive team in the CARFU DIV league. This means that there is more playing time for our large pool of players.


Recent Team Accomplishments

2012 - Central D3 1st Place,  Midwest D3 Champions, Nationals Round Top 16
2011 - Central D3 2nd Place, Midwest Quarterfinals
2010 - Central D3 2nd Place, Midwest Round Top 16
2009 - Central North D3 3rd Place
2008 - Central North D3 3rd Place